For a top secret gift for my best friend.

Okay so I need any and all Jogan quotes.

Anything any of you have off the top of your head, or if you have any links, that’d be great, I’m going crazy.

I would prefer something actually from Dalton, not from a separate story.

Please and thank you!

<3 Gabbie.

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  1. keepklainingon answered: How about Jogan songs? Maybe ‘should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements even if it leads nowhere?’
  2. iamthedarkkiwi answered: "Wake up Julian. Please wake up."
  3. beaconthrillls answered: "I am. Because I can. For him."
  4. abadgerinthebluebox answered: "Seat taken?" freshman initiation "Would you take a bullet for Blaine, Kurt?" "…I’m not prepared to let Logan get hurt over me." hell night
  5. onthewordshakerstree answered: I’M NOT LEAVING HERE WITHOUT YOU *cries forever*
  6. thegrumpiestwerewolf answered: well, for starters, ‘I’M BACK YOU SORRY BASTARDS!’
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